Bonjour !
I’m Marie Dehayes, Product designer located in Paris.

I love creating clean, minimalist and beautiful interfaces with intuitive navigation and simple to use, especially to provide the best user experience possible. I live and breathe usability and product design, I have strong problem-solving skills and I am extremely detail oriented and my work is pixel perfect.

Viadeo Newsfeed

In a context of valuing content and to give a boost usage, Viadeo begun to worked on a new proposition value around the new situation in january 2014.

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Viadeo Freelance

With Viadeo Freelance, we offer a platform to bring together freelancers and project leaders. Discover how we targeted freelancers and project leaders.

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Secret Velvet

Always having a taste for manual activities & culinary graphics, I launch a brand of jewelry lovers on the internet. Discover how I increase my sales.

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Want to know more? Send me an email to say hello at

If I had one word to define Marie I would say : inspiring ! She's the kind of person you dream of in a creative team : super-skilled but humble, always smiling and trying to find the best in everyone. I have witnessed it : she's capable of miracles.

Amélie BoucherUser Experience expert

C'est un véritable plaisir que de travailler avec Marie sur la conception et l'expérience et le design d'un produit. Ses compétences en terme d'UX et de DA lié à un véritable sens produit en font une interlocutrice à très forte valeur ajoutée pour un Product Manager en apportant une vision et une analyse très fortement orientée utilisateur.

Julien JansonProduct Manager Viadeo Freelance

Marie is an outstanding creative designer, who works in very rapid cycles. A trusted advisor for product managers, Marie is deeply involved in user reality. She is able to accurately relay the marketing objectives throughout the work she does. Marie is a natural leader and manager, mentoring her creative team with passion.

Bilyana HuetProgram Management Director