Project E commerce website
Role CEO, Lead product designer
Years 2010 to 1014

The story

A journey of 4 years

Always having a taste for manual activities and culinary graphics, I launch in March 2010 a brand of jewelry lovers on the internet entitled « Secret Velvet ».

This project is new and very original: sell jewelry imitating pastries and other foodstuffs (macaroons, cupcakes, pies etc ..).



Step No.

01. Research

I design jewelry: prototypes, technical drawings, colors swatching… There are two collections per year: spring-summer and autumn-winter.

Step No.

02. Creation

The polymer base is handmade by an exclusive supplier in Thailand. Next, the base product is back in France in my design studio. This is how the jewel is born!

Step No.

03. Sale

The jewelry is sold on the eshop and the store in Bordeaux. But also in extended network of partners. Jewels are featured on TV and in the famous parisian’s stores like Colette and Le Printemps!


The website



I realized the graphic design of the website which was subsequently integrated in PrestaShop by an agency. I also wrote the entire product pages.


To increase sales, I have sought to highlight the product to maximum use of reinsurance and giving maximum information to the customer.


A mobile application is being prepared but has not had time to emerge. Here the screens.


The communication


One of my favorite creative moments when I imagine the collections was the artistic direction for photo shootings. There are two types of pictures: the packshots products and ambient shootings.

Looking for a place for days, I contact models, hairdressers, makeup artists. I orchestrated the stylishness of each clothes, each association to give life to this ephemeral moment. The art direction is entirely my responsibility. I love that, so much..




SEO. For 4 years, Secret Velvet has been registered on the first page of Google for the most current keywords in this market.

FACEBOOK was the second change leverage for my sales. Easy to use, I have a page where I talk about the products, their design and also their history. The fans love to see behind the scenes!


Discover the key stages of my journey.

Everything has a end

The end

In 2010, while still artistic director in business, I run a parallel activity with a small e-commerce site. Secret Velvet was born for the first time. In late December 2014, I closed my business. Why ? What happened in the meantime to get there?


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Secret Velvet

Always having a taste for manual activities & culinary graphics, I launch a brand of jewelry lovers on the internet. Discover how I increase my sales.

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