Project Newsfeed
Role Lead product designer
Year 2014 – 2015

The challenge


In a context of valuing content and to give a boost usage, Viadeo begun to worked on a new proposition value around the new situation in january 2014.

Each time I log on, I can see a page gathering the most important informations I need to know about my network and my career and the key actions I need to do to improve it.


Newsfeed is limited to the activity of the direct contacts displayed anti-chronologically, along with a lot of call-to-actions spread all over the page (recommendations, newsfeed, sidebar…).

Newsfeed is still using the old brand identity which no longer reflects the positioning of Viadeo. He needs some re-design.


Newsfeed should cover the following objectives

  • Build stickiness and customer engagement
  • Encourage users to post
  • Enlarge the user’s network
  • Get user’s data Monetize
  • Special entry for B2B clients


User wants

Stay up to date with their contacts: new relations, job change, job anniversary.

Follow their audience

View the latest relevant job offers

Get recommendations: companies to follow, contacts suggestions…


Epics & Stories




Keep the social network DNA through the timeline

Timeline promotes discovery : the traditional format with central column is conducive to mix content and push


Come for a good reason

We run new algorithm with more smart content


Seduce the user to stay

New UI with new colors, new cards, new items. Kill old fonts, old buttons and shadows


Put the emphasis on
a specific use

We kill the noise to keep only the relevant informations for the user. We post less publications activities of simple direct contact network


Main Personas


Search & Wireframes


UI Elements




In this new newsfeed, we want to focus on the user. He is the key. He is the actor.

We give in a light and sleek design, comfortable. The user will be more inclined to act and interact with others in this new interface: creating commitment. And coming back. Feel like home.

We changed the entire design. Round avatars to put the user at the center of attention. The round helps retaining the attention, eyes movements are contained and focused on the user.


Because mobile is central to our daily live, each interaction has been designed to fit any device.

The call-to-action are simple, without wording, using an easy to understand icon to act fast. The counters are close to action buttons to see the results simultaneously.


The newsfeed



After being launched (first 5%, second 25% until 100%), we did look at the statistics and measured the impacts on invitations sent (DCR), profile consultations, suggested contacts (PYMK) & company page visits.

Users feedbacks

The new newsfeed in its entirety


Design of newsfeed


Easy to use


Opportunities for interaction with contacts


The relevance of the articles suggested


67% of users are satisfied with the new Newsfeed.

Newsfeed users wish to keep in priority the news of their contacts and follow their audience on Viadeo.
The new section « new visits » (with graph) is the most popular features.
The user wants more statistics for better monitoring and more customization for the publications.

Next steps

And now ?


The new Newsfeed was a first step of the revamp. What we plan to do ?

  • More customized content. More targeted and customized articles, new content in newsfeed
  • More opportunity to engage. New publish box, new attractive news
  • Incite user to fill his profile. Profile empty = no interesting newsfeed.
  • Newcomer / continous onboarding
  • Improve the interactions
  • Improve the algorithm
  • More grouping box


The new Newsfeed was first thought for desktop and responsive but we it will be adapted for mobile too very soon.

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