Photographer for brands
I executing photo shoots that highlight the essence of the brand's identity, whether it's through vibrant outdoor settings, dynamic urban environments, or intimate lifestyle scenes. 
→ Outdoor shooting               → Social media library
→ Product Packshot                → Sponsorship

By blending creativity with strategic vision, I ensure that each image tells a compelling story, driving engagement and fostering a genuine connection with consumers.
Lifestyle photography for Personal Branding
To capture the authentic essence of each individual, highlighting their personality, style, and story through striking and professional images.
Lifestyle photography for people, couples & families
This type of session is the one where I let myself be forgotten the most to come and capture and freeze an emotion, a look, a smile, tender gestures... all these little details that sometimes escape us.
Embark with me for a moment alone or as a couple, to obtain a portrait or a unique memory of your love, at the ocean, in the forest under the pines, in a funfair, whatever.
Meet... Marie Dehayes
& work with me!
• Based in Hossegor, France and highly mobile
• 360° expertise and vision in all brand-related subjects
• Explorer and creative personality.

+33 7 69 03 05 37
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