Brand Designer for the last 18 years, I focusing now on serving the action sports industry. My mission is to capture the essence of surf culture, showcasing the thrill and lifestyle of those who live for the ocean's embrace.
Transmitting the deep connection between man & the ocean.
I seek to convey the excitement, passion, raw energy, and grandeur of nature. My mission extends far beyond simply capturing striking images of surfers in action. It's a sincere commitment to documenting the culture and lifestyle that revolve around this sport.
Photographer for the surf industry

Lifestyle shoots • Outdoor shooting • Competitions • Portfolio creation • Social media 
I accompany surfers & professionals to create impactful images.
→ Covering events                 → Supporting teams
→ Promoting brands             → Sponsorship

Whether for marketing projects, promotion, or content enrichment, I help them achieve their goals of visibility, engagement, and loyalty.
Meet... Marie Dehayes
• Based in Hossegor, France and highly mobile
• 360° expertise and vision in all brand-related subjects
• Explorer and creative personality.

+33 7 69 03 05 37
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